It Has Been a Pleasure – Chapter 3 (WG,AG,Pig,Anthro,Shrink) by Kaine

Amber’s eyes turned redder and began to water, tears ran down her face and over her newly plumped cheeks. Kevin’s smile went from a crooked grin to a full smile from ear to ear. She looked over her new body and pushed her chair away from the table. Throwing her hands up to her face and feeling...

It Has Been a Pleasure – Chapter 2 (WG,AG,Pig,Anthro,Shrink) by Kaine

Fat Butt In Yoga PantsShaking her head violently to take out the drowsiness from her brain, Amber could not clear it out, it made her feel dizzier. She looked up at Kevin with fear in her eyes, “What did you do to me?” she said with less confidence in her voice. “I have given you bliss,...

It Has Been a Pleasure – Chapter 1 (WG,AG,Pig,Anthro,Shrink) by Kaine

  Kevin was a normal guy, in a normal life, and in a normal home. At five foot seven inches tall he was short for a guy. Very slim with very little muscle or even muscle definition most people would call his body frame meek. Clean cut, short brown hair, glasses with a rectangular smooth edge rim. His...

My Beautiful Wife – Chapter 1 (WG, AG, BE, REALISTIC) by Kaine

Janessa and i have been married for three years, and she has been my muse the entire time, but I felt like there was something missing in our relationship. My name is Keith, and i have the perfect life with the perfect wife. She is amazing in every way, she has a great career, her own money, she takes care...

Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 11

< Ding Dong > Meaghan opened the door to see the pizza delivery man awaiting her arrival with 2 large pizzas stack on top of each other above his shoulder in his hand perfectly balanced. He was a taller white man with blue eyes and brown hair, he smiled at Meaghan. “That will be twenty-two fifty...

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