Every Scorned Woman’s Dream: Chapter 8

Charlie woke up, her head spinning and full of fog. She bent upward from the bed she passed out on, to her left Lily was turned on her side away from her, naked and snoring lightly. Charlie swung her legs across the bed realizing that Lily must have put covers over her last night since she did not remember...

Every Scorned Woman’s Dream: Chapter 6

“Are you really going to make me do this?” Chad ask in a soft voice. He was absolutely defeated, his face showed nothing but sadness and embarrassment. “How are you going to learn more about women if you do not go out like one. The sad thing is I thought of going to therapy because of the...

Friends Regrets: Chapter 8

Mary went through the next door, Pauline right behind her carrying the blueberry Kristen in her hands. Pauline has to constantly get a grip on Kristen because of how slippery she was. This time Pauline tried to play smart and hold the door open with her back not entering in the room all the way. Everything...

Friends Regrets: Chapter 7

“STOP!!!” Pauline yelled, “We have to get out of here! You both need to get a grip!” Mary Kay stopped and starred at Pauline like a deer in headlight. Her mind was so fuzzy and bimboish she could deal with cognitive though she was waiting for Pauline to give her another command, hopefully something fun and...

Friends Regrets: Chapter 6

Mary rushed into the next room, opening the door, going through, hearing a slam behind her. She looked back at the door it had disappeared she stopped and turned forward and she saw a familiar shape, the back of Pauline hunched over. “Oh my gosh! Pauline!” yelled Mary. Pauline turned around slowly with...

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