Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 11

< Ding Dong > Meaghan opened the door to see the pizza delivery man awaiting her arrival with 2 large pizzas stack on top of each other above his shoulder in his hand perfectly balanced. He was a taller white man with blue eyes and brown hair, he smiled at Meaghan. “That will be twenty-two fifty...

Every Scorned Woman’s Dream: Chapter 8

Charlie woke up, her head spinning and full of fog. She bent upward from the bed she passed out on, to her left Lily was turned on her side away from her, naked and snoring lightly. Charlie swung her legs across the bed realizing that Lily must have put covers over her last night since she did not remember...

Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 8

Ashley and Meaghan raced to Abby’s house thinking the worst, both of them had gained weight in different ways is it possible that Abby was also having the same type transformation. They wondered if they got there would she just be a huge blob of fat, or could it be something worse. As they drove there...

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