It Has Been a Pleasure – Chapter 2 (WG,AG,Pig,Anthro,Shrink) by Kaine

Fat Butt In Yoga Pants

Fat Butt In Yoga PantsShaking her head violently to take out the drowsiness from her brain, Amber could not clear it out, it made her feel dizzier.

She looked up at Kevin with fear in her eyes, “What did you do to me?” she said with less confidence in her voice.

“I have given you bliss, hun.”

“What does that mean….”, she started back to her plate and scooped a big chunk of cake into her mouth and began to chew. The tenderness of the cake and sweetness danced in her mouth she could feel each smooth and rough texture sliding across her tongue allowing the sweet and bitter chocolate taste to swirl together before swallowing a large gulp down her throat.

“I bet that taste great.” Kevin smiled a huge lopsided grin.

She spooned another chunk into her face. “grrrummpppp Why am I so… hrumph… hungry”, trying hard to speak through her full mouth. ”

“You never really asked what I do at work, did you?”

She finished her piece ignoring the question, her body responded automatically and pulled the whole cake in front of here as she dug her fork into the whole thing first taking out small bites quickly as the bits on her fork got bigger and bigger. She had so many questions but the drowsiness in her head kept her from thinking straight, all she wanted was to feel and taste the cake in her mouth and eat more.

Kevin poured a big glass of milk and set it next to her.

She pulled the glass up and took a big swig washing down any dryness from the food sucking out all of the moisture out of her mouth.

She took more bites in disgust, in her mind she knew she was greedily shoving food in the mouth like a pig but her body was not listening to her mind as if she were high from smoking pot with no control of her new primal instincts.

Kevin sat down putting the gallon of milk next to him and refilling her glass of milk each time it gets low. Staring at her, waiting for more.

The sides of her waist thickened like rising dough pushing the elastic band of her yoga pants out.

Her breast filled outward pressing into her bra and allowing her breast flesh to slightly push out of the top of her beater shirt the cleavage-squeezing the gap between each breast until it was just pressed together fatty skin.

Her belly rounded out, her tank top rolled up as her pants rolled slightly down giving her expanded belly room to increase. The roundness became pudgy fat growing slowly but not as quickly as her fleshy love handles that were winning the war against the elastic bands of her pants giving her a smooth soft muffin top. Amber adjusted herself bring her torso more forward to shovel more food into her eager lips, licking them every few seconds cleaning each crumb and swallowing. The adjustment was not to get closer to her food but to accommodate her growing ass that was giving her a boost in her chair along the rest of her plumping body.

Her perfect round bottom expanded and filled more quickly than the rest of her body filling like a water balloon and reaching each side of her seat. Her spreading buttocks destroyed the firmness of her favorite attribute budding into a full double plumper half spheres of a paunch. Growing slowly but increasing speed with each quick chomp of her chocolate filled fork, swelling into 2 meaty size hams and finally touching the back of her chair.

“What was that? Amber responded to her butt feeling the back of the chair and the cold air blowing into the crack that managed to increase out of her tight bottoms, something that has never happened. She immediately dropped her fork and both hands went flying backward to see what was on her skin. They both felt the wood of the seat and followed downward and find a foreign jelly like object behind her. She grabbed it and squashed it.

Her eyes widened in fear, and her eyes turned red. “Is that my ass….” she said meekly.

She dropped her head slowly, dropping her eyes even more slowly, in complete fear of what she may see. This brought her out slightly of her drowsiness as the adrenaline pumped. Her breast was huge and had gone up at least three sizes in girth and width, she bent a little forward to see past them scared to see what was next, and she saw a small plum belly that extended past her belt line and was over her pants. Her hands flung the other way smashing and grabbing her belly trying to push it down then trying to pull it off.

She looked at her arms that looked double in size, down her wrists that disappeared, her slim bony fingers looked like plump sausages.


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