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Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 11

< Ding Dong > Meaghan opened the door to see the pizza delivery man awaiting her arrival with 2 large pizzas stack on top of each other above his shoulder in his hand perfectly balanced. He was a taller white man with blue eyes and brown hair, he smiled at Meaghan. “That will be twenty-two fifty...

Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 10

All three women were now in desolation of their future, even Abby was able to grasp what had happened when Amria did her magic once more. “Please don’t let her do this to us, I can’t get any dumber. Its… its… so hard. To think, I cant think good.” Abby cried in absolution...

Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: “How the hell do I get fat and you get better looking!?” Meaghan yelled, she began to cry into her hands she was loosing her mind, “This is not fair!” Ashley put her arm around Meaghan trying to coddle her, “Calm down, I am sure everything will go back to...

Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 8

Ashley and Meaghan raced to Abby’s house thinking the worst, both of them had gained weight in different ways is it possible that Abby was also having the same type transformation. They wondered if they got there would she just be a huge blob of fat, or could it be something worse. As they drove there...

Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 7

“What are you doing here Ashley?”, Meaghan asked in full confusion. Ashley rose her head, her eyes red and tired looking. “Do I know you?” “It’s me Meaghan!” “Sorry you look different to me, let me put on my glasses.” She reached into her purse and put...

Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 6

Meaghan could not believe what she had done, and in front of Chad. She did not even remember getting up and going to the fridge to eat. She felt hopeless and pathetic, she knew what Chad was thinking too, that she was just a fat pig. “Hun, I think we need to get you to the urgent care.”, Chad...

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