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Jealousy Change: Chapter 3

Amber already missed her body, her own large studio apartment now felt like a palace. She had only shrunk a few inches but everything looked twice as large. She looked over her new body, everything was so much smaller and shorter, she pulled off her large lacy bra as it fell off easily and picked up her...

Jealousy Change: Chapter 2

Amber and Bridgett arrived at Amber’s Studio Apartment. It was huge, almost as big as Bridgett’s 3 bedroom home back in Kansas for the exception that everything was viewable with hardly any walls. The Home decor was elegant and sophisticated, Bridgett felt small in her universe, Amber had...

Jealousy Change: Chapter 1

Bridgett’s plane landed in the airport she quickly grabbed her bag from the top cabin cabinet above her head and waited in line with the rest of the passengers trying to get off the plane. As a wife she had learned patience, her 6-hour flight from Kansas was not exactly ideal but she could not wait to...

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