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I am back

So I guess I am back again, back to writing mainly because I have fans… I had no idea I had fans but turns out I really do and they kind of sort of love me. By “love me” I mean to say they really want me to finish a few of my stories that I had produced over a year ago. So I felt kind of...

Could be the Greatest Images Ever

This can honestly be the greatest images I have ever seen. I could not find the artist and found this on another blog but I had to repost this. Batman… With a lightsaber (please don’t sue me Lucas Films… fighting a shark… Underwater… The most epic thing I have ever...

All Donations Accepted

I began writing fiction this last year and honing my skills to develop bigger and better stories. So far I have felt that I still need practice and get to a more professional level and eliminating mistakes before I charge people for commissioned work. Until then I have taken a few writing jobs but have...

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